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Stemming from humble origins as a part-time side project, Integrity Construction of Southwest Iowa has grown into a full-service carpentry company servicing Shenandoah, Clarinda and surrounding communities.

Kyle Taylor is the Operations Manager of Integrity Construction. Originally, Kyle hails from Iowa City, but has found himself much better suited to small town life. After his enlistment in the Army, he worked in renewable energy & power generation, which led him to Shenandoah. Kyle is raising four children with his beautiful wife, Marcy (a Shenandoah native).

Zach McGargill is our lead Project Manager. Zach, along with his wife Minnie, are life long residents of Shenandoah and are very active in the community. When not busy watching their son excel in his many sporting events, they can be found working on rental rehabs or traveling as a family. They are the proud parents of four!

Drew Bayless is our other Project Manager of Integrity Construction.  Drew himself is a Shenandoah native, the son of Kathy and Dennis Bayless, who is Integrity’s resident Carpentry Consultant. Carpentry runs deep in Drew’s family, as he is a 3rd generation carpenter. After his time away at college, he too found himself better suited to small town living and just recently purchased a home in Shenandoah.

Jacque Autry is the Integrity Construction Office Manager. She keeps things running from behind the scenes! Jacque and her husband, Dan, are raising five wonderful children in the quaint town of Coin.

Anthony Dinges rounds out the Integrity team. He is a 2019 graduate of Shenandoah High School. Anthony has proven to be a quick study, and brings energy and reliability to every project. In his free time, Anthony can be found enjoying the great outdoors, friends, and family.

In 2017, Kyle, Drew, Dennis and Jason Baldwin decided to branch out and launch an official carpentry enterprise, compiling decades of carpentry and customer service expertise between the four of them. 

The guys have found common ground not only in their love of the outdoors, but especially in their work; an uncompromising commitment to quality, as though each project was their own. For them, the equation is simple… Quality + Honesty = Integrity.

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